Monday, 21 July 2014

Brand Focus: Topshop Premium's Handbag Collection

Topshop's premium range has provided a luxury injection into high-street wardrobes for a number of seasons and this fall it's about to expand to include handbags. A collection of 7 premium handbags have been designed for Topshop's Autumn/Winter collection, providing high-street shoppers with good-quality material for a reasonable price. 

The collection designs are quite simplistic, with small details to add that Topshop statement. The colour palette is safe, with only monochromes and a small hint of blue on one style. 

The simplicity of the statement designs allow for easy styling, however it would have been nice to see some bolder designs from Topshop, as they are not known for shying away from loud prints and colours. As the trial collection, I feel that if these bags do as well as Topshop hopes, I might just get what I wish for...

The bags will be launching later this year as part of Topshop's fall collection. Prices range from £30 for the clutches and £100 for the structured, perforated handbags. 

What do you think of the collection? Drop me a comment and let me know if you have your eye on any of the collection.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rob the Bank Wishlist: Scallop Bow

Raid the Piggy Bank Wishlist: Flower Fresh

Purchase of the Week: Tweezer Dots

A rather practical purchase of this week, this week. For a few weeks I have been debating purchasing a Tweezerman, however with unbranded tweezers costing a fraction in comparison and my current tweezers doing a good enough job, I just didn't feel I could justify the expense. Upon browsing in Boots, I did discover this super cute pastel purple polka dot version and managed to talk myself into splurging. 
    I mainly purchased the mini version, rather than the full-size version, due to the price and design. The mini version is a perfect size for getting close for those odd strands you want to catch but are dangerously close to vital arch hairs. Personally, I wouldn't see any point in splurging the extra few pounds on the full-size version but it is a preference decision. 
    The tweezer has a lovely plastic design over the metal and the end is very thin and sharp to allow perfect precision when plucking. In addition, I also received a small, see-through, plastic cylinder to store the tweezer in which is perfect for keeping it nice. 
     Although the price is slightly steep for what the product is, I would definitely recommend.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Brand Focus: Zara Simon X Accessorize

Jewellery on the high-street can be hit and miss. Some ranges feature gorgeous pieces but at extortionate prices, whilst others are more reasonably priced but don't quite nail the trends. The most disappointing part of purchasing high-street jewellery is finding a piece you love and then suffer the disappointment of the colour fading or piece snapping owing to the cheaper quality. 

Accessorize's latest collaboration solves these problems and provides us with gold-plated pieces featuring a variety of semi-precious stones. Z for Accessorize has been hand crafted and designed by Zara Simon and features a phenomenal 77 pieces. 

The pieces have a vintage feel and are simplistic in their design. Statements can be created through layering the pieces to create a unique look and clash of stones. Zara's simplistic designs for layering allow individuals to create their own styles using the jewellery and provide an easy collection to style and wear. 

The collection features earrings, bracelets rings and necklaces, with prices ranging from £8 to £32 (majority of which are around the £15 mark). All pieces are gold plated and some feature semi-precious stones, the selection of which can be seen below. 

Favourite piece from the collection has to be the "Zaina Rose Quartz Pendant necklace", the rose quartz is a stunning colour and the design allows for the pink pendant to make a statement. 

The collection is now available at selected stores and online.

See the full lookbook images below and check out the full collection of Accessorize's website. Of course drop me a comment to let me know what you think of the collection and what pieces you'll be picking up! 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Brand Focus: Primark A/W14

One thing which is difficult to get used to within fashion is the season times. Whilst summer may only just be at its beginning, retailers are launching their summer sales and looking forward to their autumn collections. The result, a pinning for the alternative season whilst in the middle of the current. 

Primark's release of its A/W campaign definitely has this affect. The perfect check coat, statement jewellery and an interesting assortment of colours make up the collection. The past few seasons has seen Primark improve its designs and incorporate key trends in a unique way to create its stand-out pieces and this collection definitely continues with these strengths. 

The campaign pieces are set to launch in stores from August onwards and are all priced fantastically! 

Check out the full campaign images below and let me know what you think of the collection!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dupes: Charlotte Olympia's Kitty Shoes

Charlotte Olympia's shoe designs are famed for their quirky style and eccentric influences. Most famous of which are the kitty flats. Now available in a variety of designs, shoe styles and colours, there is a kitty flat for everyone. However, for those of us on a lower income, there definitely isn't a kitty flat for us as their starting price is £300+. 

Never fear, there are always dupes to enable us to get the look of Olympia's designs without the price tag. Although dupes often are not as nice as the originals, they are a good alternative whilst saving for the real thing, or just staring lovingly at its out-of-grasp image. 

For Charlotte Olympia's designs I have found dupes on eBay which offer the overall look of the shoe, just not quite the design. 

Check out my finds below and drop me a comment on any good Olympia dupes!

The Original Kitty Flats 

The original kitty flats have been pictured on everyone from Alexa Chung to Taylor Swift. However, at £365 per pair they are out of the reach of some of us fashionistas! Although eBay is flooded with cheaper dupes of the kitty flats, a lot don't feature the cut out ears and kitty features of the originals. These lovely kitty face shoes from one seller, offer a close substitute and a shoe that captures the overall look of the Charlotte Olympia version. Disappointedly, the shoe doesn't feature the gold small heel of the original. Not as good as the original but considering the price difference, a definite dupe for those of us without the funds for the originals.

Pre-Fall Creeping Kitty

Charlotte's pre-fall collection feature new versions of those kitty flats and the first is a creeper version. With thick soles and the contrast in colour, these shoes offer a more grunge style to the kitty shoes. However, locating a dupe on eBay led me to the cheaper alternative, which I feel trumps Charlotte's. The hidden platform within the cheaper version I feel looks cleaner and the shoes also feature the gripped sole for the grungey edge. Although they provide slightly different looks, I think the eBay dupe is the nicer version for this style!

Pre-Fall Kitty Studs 

Another new version within the pre-fall collection is the stud kitty flats. From all the kitty styles I looked at, the dupes available were closer for this style. The main features, the cat face, small heel and stud detail feature on both of the shoes. However, Charlotte's version feature contrasting colour details which I feel enhance the shoes look. However, for a few hundred pounds cheaper, I'll have to settle for the eBay dupes.